Support with establishing overseas distribution channels for domestic firefighting products and earning a competitive edge in the industry through a system that provides support tailored to product suppliers and their situations overseas


Exhibitions at Home & Abroad: Support will be provided to service providers to participate in fire and safety exhibitions, along with the NFA, at home and abroad

Overseas Market Exploration Board: An Overseas Exploration Board will help domestic companies enter emerging markets in Northeast Asia and seek new buyers

Independent Participation in Overseas Exhibitions: When a company participates independently in an overseas fire and safety exhibition, booth rental fees will be subsidized

Overseas Certification Obtained: When a company obtains an overseas certification, some related expenses will be subsidized

Back Ground : These services are provided in accordance with Article 20 (Support for International Cooperation and Overseas Expansion) of the Firefighting Industry Promotion Act

Main Content

Potential Beneficiaries

Any domestic firefighting firm interested in overseas marketing and expansion

* Support with overseas certification will be provided to any company taking a test in the last 12 months. Eligible companies must have already obtained domestic certification (format, performance, KFI approval) from the Korea Fire Institute or under its flame-retardant performance test

Support Information
Support Information - Category, Exhibitions at Home & Abroad, Overseas Market Exploration Board, Independent Participation in Overseas Exhibitions, Overseas Certification Obtained, Firefighting Industry on-tact marketing
Category Exhibitions at Home & Abroad Overseas Market Exploration Board Independent Participation in Overseas Exhibitions Overseas Certification Obtained Firefighting Industry on-tact marketing
form of support Expenses for booth rental, logistics, etc Interpreting, consulting desk rental, etc Post – event subsidy for Booth rental fees Post – event subsidy for Certification expenses support for On-line design and promotional material production expense
Amount - - KRW 8 Million (max) KRW 15 Million (max) KRW 3 Million (max)
limit - - (Overseas) Booth KRW 2 Million (Domestic) Booth KRW 1 Million Up to 70% of Certification expenses Support the expenses within the application limit
Criteria - - 2 booths(max), up to 3times 2 Cases for Average(max) 1 Case for High value(max) -


  1. Create business plan
    • Set up directions
    • Set timeline
  2. Notices & Registration
    • Participation request announced
    • Document submission
  3. Evaluation
    • Document review
    • Selection of winners
    1. Participation
      • Exhibitions/Overseas Exploration Board
    2. Performance Report
      • Disclose business performance
    1. Reference document review
      • Independent participation in exhibition
      • Overseas certification obtained
    2. Overhead expenses paid
      • Expense support paid

Images of Major Events

Dubai Intersec Exhibition 2020
On-tact Overseas Market Delegation 2020
US NFPA Conference&Expo 2019
Vietnam Secutech Exhibition 2019