After the 2003 Daegu subway tragedy, the Exhibition was created in 2004 and is held once a year, with the aim of developing the domestic firefighting and safety sectors and making Korea one of the safest countries in the world.


Hosted by the National Fire Agency, Daegu Metropolitan City

Organized by EXCO, Korea Fire Institute, KOTRA

Venue : EXCO (5.6 acres, 1,024 booth spaces available)

Main Content
  1. Exhibition
    • Safety equipment and other products on display
    • Start-ups, recruiting, job placement
    • Consulting pavilion
  2. Conferences
    • Industrial technology & trends
    • International & domestic conferences
    • Workshop for government employees, etc.
  3. Events
    • Korea Fire Industry Awards
    • Job fair
    • Fire safety experience, etc.


UFI-approved exhibition (※only 36 of more than 500 exhibitions granted UFI approval)

Top 5 of more than 40 fire exhibitions in the world and top 3 in Asia

To date, 3,062 companies and 923,507 people have participated in and discussed purchases worth KRW 7.3373 trillion

Our next goal is to be among the top 3 exhibitions in the world

Milestones for the International Fire & Safety Expo
Milestones for the International Fire & Safety Expo : 1977-2018
1977 since 1977 A US military truck left behind after the Korean War was remodeled into a fire truck An engine-start ceremony was held for the first domestic truck at Yeouido Square
2004 since 2004 In the aftermath of the Daegu subway tragedy on February 18, 2003, efforts were made to improve safety awareness The first International Fire & Safety Expo was held in 2004 The focus has been placed on promotion of the fire and safety industry since establishment of the Firefighting Industry Promotion Act in 2008
2005 ~ 2014 since 2005 ~ 2014 Thanks to constant growth of the exhibition, domestic firefighting products are now exported overseas In 2012, 223 companies participated in 712 booths, and 61,270 people came (including 294 people from overseas) from 20 countries In 2013, 216 companies participated in 774 booths, and 65,658 people came (including 313 people from overseas) from 20 countries In 2014, 243 companies participated in 870 booths, and 65,954 people came (including 333 people from overseas) from 17 countries The exhibition has become a mecca for Asian fire and safety exhibitions, further improving its international image
2015 since 2015 Granted UFI approval in February 2015 275 companies participated (including 83 companies from overseas) that year in 944 booths from 19 countries 66,019 participants discussed imports worth KRW 435 billion and purchases worth KRW 594 billion
2018 since 2018 It has become one of top 5 of more than 40 fire and safety exhibitions in the world Top 3 fire and safety exhibitions in Asia The next goal is to attract 320 companies, 1000 booths and 68,000 participants (including 400 buyers from overseas) Under the slogan of “Public Safety Grows with the Firefighting Industry”