Symbol. Minimum size requirement: 10 mm

The sparrow hawk symbolizes the National Fire Agency as it monitors its surroundings on alert, flying quickly to the scene to save life when an accident occurs, then flying up again with its wings spread wide.

This emblem is the most representative design element and plays an important role in building an identity for the NFA and creating an integrated image.

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  • Sparrow Hawk
    Residential birds in Korea and representing prevention, alertness and bravery
  • Firefighter’s Helmet
    Represents absolute safety
  • Mugunghwa(Rose of Sharon)
    The national flower, included as a symbol of the NFA’s representativeness
  • Torch
    This represents the hope that firefighting activities give to people
  • Ribbon
    Represents a sense of solidarity across the NFA
  • Hexagonal Water
    This represents the water used in fire suppression and the NFA’s clear conviction
  • Fire Nozzle
    Tied into the NFA’s identity as the fire service’s most frequently-used item of equipment