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Fire Survival Self-Diagnosis Program

In order to reduce the mortality rate from fire, it is necessary to recognize in advance the risk of fire in the home and workplace to reduce the risk and to self-diagnose how capable I am to survive in a crisis.

  • This program constitutes on actual cases of fire deaths to reflect them in diagnostic elements to prevent fire deaths of similar cases by providing self-assessment using question banks related to common sense of fire safety.
  • This program enables you to self-diagnose the ability to respond to a beginning fire incident through a series of self-assessment test and dozens of quizzes by which you can analyze if you are aware of the fire risk factors, evacuation and reporting process in residences and workplaces such as apartments, multi-use facilities buildings and so on based on statistics on major fire incidents and causes of death in Korea.
  • This Program provides gaming contents, displays self-diagnostic results, gives rewards such as complimentary stickers, motivates users, manages history for consistent analyzes statistics.

Program information and how user guide

It is a program that can self-diagnose and solve quizzes on the ability to recognize and evacuate and report fire hazards such as apartments, multi-storey buildings, factories, and fire hazards through statistics on major fire accidents and analysis of causes of death in Korea.

  • Information
    1. Anyone in Korea or abroad can participate (available in Korean and English)
    2. Self-assessment by fire type and Yes or No Questions
    3. Designed to improve the ability to deal with initial fire and to survive
    4.Background video clip available (improves understanding and concentration)
  • Step 1
    Self-assessment: Survey (12 questions) by fire type (18 types)
    - Provides points obtained, tendency of fire safety (5 grades), and core safety information
    - If obtained 80 points or more, can proceed to the next step (Yes or No Question)
  • Step 2
    Yes or No Question: 10 questions on common safety knowledge by fire type (18 types)
    - Detailed explanation provided to correct/incorrect answers
    - 1 sticker provided to points of 80 or more (valid for 1 month)
  • Certificate
    - When completes all assessment and OX quizzes (18 types / 396 questions) (obtains 18 stickers)
    ※ History saved for the same online devices (computer / mobile)
    - Data retention policies automatically delete after one year.
  • Certificate of completion
    Certificate a issues(save/print)
  • Benefit
    1 day honorary firefighter experience at a local fire department (if applied)